Pacific Northwest Regional Strategies, LLC is committed to achieving our client's business objectives through careful evaluation, strategic planning, and legislative action/advocacy. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve your business's strategic objectives through careful evaluation, strategic planning and legislative action/advocacy. Simply put, we will act as your voice at the state and local level on issues that directly affect your organization.   

Our Vision

Our Strength

Sean O Sullivan, Managing Partner 

Expertise: Legislative Advocacy and Lobbying with extensive experience in Renewable Energy, Labor and Industry, Medical and Recreational Marijuana, Electronics Waste Recycling, Workplace Bullying and Environmental Regulatory Compliance. 

Leadership Team

Our Reach

Our success depends heavily on our ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships at all levels of government. With a proven track record of honest and ethical representation, our team members have demonstrated their ability to get things accomplished on both sides of the isle.        

Our Team 

Running a business is not easy. That is why Pacific Northwest Regional Strategies, LLC's team of dedicated and experienced professionals goes the extra mile to represent each of our client's objectives. We leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired outcomes your organization needs to thrive. 

Stephanie Hoffman, Associate/Director of Legal Affairs

Expertise: International Business and Marketing with extensive experience in legal affairs and community relations. 

Joshua Estes, Managing Partner

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Contract Negotiation, Small Business Support and H.R. & Public Relations.  

Hire Us

Whether you want us to act as your voice on state and local issues, or help you develop a comprehensive strategy to have your message heard, we can help! Call or email us today!